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The Fall Equinox Experience

This Fall Season By Your Design. A Masterclass + Immersive Experience to Seasonally Reset, Come Home & Redesign Your Life

The images that grab your attention and ideas that ping your nervous system do not happen by accident. There's a meaning and significance behind it. 



Your mind thinks in pictures.

When you think of your dream life, you don't imagine D-R-E-A-M.

You see visuals of all that you imagine for yourself.

But here's the truth, the human mind is built on a negativity bias.

And sadly as you age, you think yourself out of what you are inspired by.

You biologically and neurologically condition yourself from what you would really love.

But not anymore.

When the mind and body are not disturbed by stress, you can settle into a responsive mode, called home base.

The Fall Equinox Experience is your invitation to gift yourself permission to pause, release, come home, & reconnect with all your musings and the creative being you are.

 What's possible when you experience the science of your breath, body, brain, and yessss...astrology to come home and support you in designing your life every season.


Whether you are looking to scale your

  • self-care practices

  • work/life balance

  • relationships

Discovering how to follow your musings and experience a season by your design will be healing and transformative in your mood and mental state.



Consider it a quantum leap to the version of yourself you could never even imagine for yourself through:

  • a new relationship to your thinking (neuroplasticity)

  • a basic understanding of energy, physics, and how you can transform the negativity bias of the mind (embodied brain)

  • a clearer picture (your blueprint ) of the life you would love (quantum physics)

  • a realignment with your body through your breath to release, reconnect and reset for your redesign (somatic experiencing)





Are You Ready To Think Outside The Box 

Breathwork & Astrology is a powerful way to heal the negativity-bias of the mind and create focused attention on all areas of your life that you get to design. 


It's a guide to harmonizing the tension and dichotomies that exist in your life and all throughout nature.

What you can expect:

  1. Guided reflection work 

  2.  Transformative energy teachings and practices 

  3.  Practical tools and practices that guide you on your leap this season.

  4. Access to a Library with the recording and supportive materials through Libra Season 10/22.

What you need:

  1. Zoom Connection for meeting link.

  2. Journal and pen.

  3. An open mind.


Whether you are ready for a quantum change or to transformatively feel less anxious and overwhelmed, this Fall Equinox Experience is for you.

REimagine & REdesign what is possible when you REalign season after season.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

By purchasing this offer you have read the medical waiver and release of liability.