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the Integrative Wealth Wellness Journey

A neuroplastic & spiritual approach to Activating Self-Worth.

This course will embark you on a journey of illuminating your deeply rooted wealth stories, how they have been shaped, enforced, and most significantly how you can begin to question their truth to start transforming them into your new narrative of wealth. What will emerge(law of mathematics) will be a profound vision of yourself rich in every aspect and layer (yesssss every layer) of more than you can even imagine of yourself right now.

What You Can Expect:

★  Each week you'll get access to a set of videos that will guide you on your journey with a knowledge segment that will touch upon specific perspectives about your wealth story.

★  Wealth activation activities through journaling explorations, practical tools to determine your money landscape, and other tools that will help you align with your wealth story. 

Access to the course for 5 months because transformation craves consistency, devotion, and discipline. and instead of feeling like most humans where time owns them, you will be and feel empowered. You get to use time as a structure of support and a system to create sustainable results, not random shifts.


the Hero's Journey

 PART 1:  the Departure From the ordinary world: Why healing your money story matters to not just you and the importance of understanding the memory system. 

PART 2: the Initiation into the Extra-Ordinary World: Understanding what self and money means, a self-worth audit, and how your story of yourSELF is shaped and continues to be shaped by your personality, the science of temperament and attachment, and your history.

★ PART 3: the Activation into Clarity: Closing the gap through awareness of what you truly know and creating from the quantum and through somatic experiencing.

★ PART 4: the Return with  Wealth Wellness: Owning your new money narrative through the integration of your experience and all your layers.


 What do you need: 

  1. Journal and pen.

  2. A computer or smartphone.
  3. An open mind with a willingness to cultivate resiliency and grow your new money story.


Who this is for: 

  • Women who want to get to the root of their energetic flow blockages. 
  • The logical skeptic woman who wants to experience a more creative and spiritual side (the woo) but is indeed skeptical, because there is an abundance of spiritual tools and coaches and is overwhelmed to discern the difference.
  • Women who want to live by their design and not by default...a.k.a autopilot.
  • Women who are ready to change their wealth story, and are ready to change the relationship that they have with themselves. 


Who it is not for: 

  • If you're not willing to open up to a realm that can bring you quantum growth.
  • If you are not willing to believe you are worthy of time and effort.
  •  If you don't believe in the importance and energetic investment of learning clarity, calm, creativity, and connection.
  • If you like living from the natural negativity bias of the mind...autopilot.


  • maximum 5 month 
  • $310 (beta price)

No More Spiritually Bypassing

What it would feel like if you were to welcome in the messiness of life and actually make peace with all the layers that make you YOU? 

It's time to join the Integrative Wealth Wellness Journey today and meet your guides to your new SELF-WORTH STORY.

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