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A Guided Self-Coaching Program

"An unexamined life is not worth living"-Socrates 

Well, that's a little harsh from our Father of Western Philosophy but he has a powerful point. Self-reflection is your guide to the changes you are seeking.

So are you ready to really take control of your life?

I get it and understand if you are skeptical because you maybe have been told you don't have "control" and you probably experience that in your day-to-day life as a busy woman with multiple roles. If your life is anything like mine as a working mom with 3 kids juggling all the things, no matter how organized I try to be or think I am, the universe shows me something different. But can you imagine for just for a moment not feeling so stressed about all the responsibilities and obligations?  Meaning, not over-reacting, not feeling guilty when you do over-react (we're human right??), and knowing that no matter what your current phase of life is, you have the knowledge and practices to reconnect you back to your calm true self and your vision of that life you love.

Well, I'm glad you are here because it's possible! This guided self-coaching course is custom for the modern woman balancing all the things. It's a course that seamlessly blends many disciplines from the sciences to metaphysics to guide you to transformative awareness so you can:

  • Feel more balanced at home and work
  • Be happier in your job with a sense of purpose 
  • Feel present at home with more playfulness 
  • Be authentically you 
  • Know how to self-regulate with the natural and inevitable daily life challenges

Your self-reflection you will experience over the next 40 Days will bring you the transformation that you are craving in your: 

  •  career 
  •  relationships 
  •  well-being 
  • time and money

As a woman with many roles, it's possible to not be so stressed and feel sooooo overwhelmed (where self-awareness and learning are not biologically possible), so you can create the shifts in your life that you crave.

Your Results:

  • Alignment: Alignment is a buzzword these days. You will leave this course aware of how to create and sustain fluidity inside, outside, and between.
  • 🗓️ Gradual shifts that create lasting changes: You will experience the magic of consistency but you have to do your part. Use time as a structure of support this course provides to cultivate a mindset of consistency and reliability.
  • 📔 Self Awareness: TBH, I never loved journaling before I experienced the power of journaling for self-reflection and story-telling.
  • 💓 Authenticity: Clear out the confusion and self-doubt that happens with the physical and mental toll from feeling stressed and blocks you from feeling your heart.
  • 🌎 Connection: Not just in your close relationships, but you will learn how your authenticity is a contribution to the globe.
  • 🧘 Mindful Awareness: Be the calmest person you know.
  • 🌱 Sustainable Growth: The tools you'll acquire are not just for the program but for a lifetime of continued self-awareness and personal development.

For The Skeptic Who Wants To Know The How: 

  • 🧠 Rewire through Positive Neuroplasticity & Focal Awareness: It's true, the mind is set (mindset) unless you can understand the basic scientific principles and what neuroplasticity is to work with your inner critic and patterns that are ready to be reshaped.
  • 🌬️ Breathwork for Balance: You will learn how to harness your breath to influence your nervous system state to access a mind state of conscious awareness.
  • 🤓 Expert Guidance: I teach through a consilience of the disciplines of science, contemplative practices, and wisdom teachings.
  • 🌌 Navigating the Nervous System: Explore the complexities of your nervous system in a nuanced way to regulate your nervous system and respond to life's challenges with resilience.

More of What to Expect:

  • ★  Each day you'll get a video (that you can watch or listen to on the go) with a knowledge segment that will open up your awareness to a specific perspective. 
  • ★  Daily activation - a call to action to implement the knowledge segment throughout your day for example neuroplastic journaling prompts.
  • ★  40 days -: 10 chapters of transformational awareness and calls to action.
  • ★  Chapter#1 - the Personality Awareness: use the power of the elements to make sense of your personality and bring awareness to how aligned you are to your natural gifts. 
  • ★  Chapter #2 - Shine in Your Personality: discover how to shine more in your natural gifts to grow, expand, and magnetize a life that you crave. 
  • ★  Chapter #3 - Support Your Personality: build support inside so you can feel confident in supporting your personality day to day.
  • ★  Chapter#4 - the Power Behind Motivation: bring awareness to your temperament (different from your personality), what grabs your attention, and what launches you into taking action. 
  • ★  Chapter #5 - Quantum & the Vision: use the power of neuroplasticity to create a powerful and attainable vision. 
  • ★  Chapter #6 - the Attachment Sciencelearn about how your relationships with your parents or caregivers have shaped who you are.
  • ★  Chapter #7 - your Genius: focus on 6 Mental Faculties that create the DNA of your Genius. 
  • ★  Chapter #8 - Work With your Mindlearn to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better. 
  • ★  Chapter #9 - PLAYlearn about the significance of play for your brain and the power of PLAY in your life. 
  • ★  Chapter #10 - the Transformation: concluding so you know your PART to continue to evolve after the course.

What You Need:

  • 20-30 minutes a day for teaching segment + call to action
  • Journal and pen
  • Smart Phone/Computer

Is This For Me?

  • Are you a woman balancing many things and are experiencing physical and mental symptoms that can come from feeling unbalanced and unfulfilled such as burnout or tension in your relationships, money, career, or health?
  •  Are you a woman balancing all the things and having a desire to deepen your self-care and spiritual practices? 

Enroll Now and start your guided self-coaching journey to a life you are excited to wake up to every day!

  • 📅 Course Start Date: On Demand
  • ⏰ Time: Less than 2 months (40 days)
  • 📍 Location: Smart Phone/Computer
  • Please email [email protected] with any questions.
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