Your future is found in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what others do occasionally. 

Paula White

The Moon Cycle Collective is an innovative fusion of breathwork, cosmic consciousness, depth psychology, physiology, and biology woven into thriving in our daily human life. JOIN US IN OUR NEXT BREATHWORK CIRCLE!

We will be activating our energy system with what Universal energy is most active FREE on Sunday, April 11, 2021 5:00pm- 6:00pm ET









Your life is your curriculum. Your dreams are your guide to a life you love living. Everything is created twice. Life doesn't happen to you, it happens through you.

Here is how I help.

Guided Breathwork Meditations 

Connect to the dreams worthy of you with breathwork. I guide on auspicious days like the New and Full Moons when the connection to specific energy and nature is potent.

 Mentoring Calls 

Timing and energy really is everything for women. I teach you how to harmoniously direct and plan your energy to a higher vibration. What you want in life has visceral intelligence and it is a journey from intention to action to manifestation to rest.



Daily Self-Care Rituals

Like any devoted practice, creating a fulfilled life craves consistency. You can BE all that you want by honoring who you are, your body, and mastering your human experience on your journey with a proven, guided, daily energy self-care practice.


  • You have an energy system.
  • Women have cycles of energy.
  • Nature has cycles of energy.
  • The moon influences your energy specifically.
  • Emotions are energies in motion.
  • Your energy system fuels your dreams.
  • Stress is ENERGY stored in your body as ABUNDANCE BLOCKS that desire to be felt and released.
  • Breathwork can guide you to release your abundance blocks.
  • It's in your power to learn how you cycle, move your energy to feel and be in flow, to live an abundant life, and to serve as the highest expression of your self.

Your natural cycles are a gift to your human experience and self-actualization.



Your invitation to the journey of the Self, through the Self, and to the Self begins here. Life doesn't happen to you, it happens with you. This is a sacred membership for women who yearn for a yogic practice to a fulfilled life.


Full Moon in Libra Breathwork Circle

Experience the gift that every Full Moon and a Pause Breathwork journey can offer in releasing energy blocks. There is nothing 'wrong' with you or your life. We are all privy to the same universal experiences. This is a practice to soften your mind and honor what is alive in your body. In stillness, what is revealed can be healed.


New Moon in Aries Breathwork Circle

What is possible for you? Experience the gift of a fresh start that each New Moon and a Pause Breathwork journey offers. Learn the science and spiritual secrets in setting intentions and being intentional with the creation of what it is you would love. Your life is your curriculum. By looking deeply at what you would love, you learn deeply about yourself.

"I loved the power wishes and setting intentions AFTER I got in my body and out of my head. Tanya's New Moon Circle was JUST what I needed, I feel like I came back to my body for the first time in weeks after being so in my head and anxious. Thank you Tanya!"

Becca Rich

"Before Tanya's invitation to her Breathwork coaching sessions, I never experienced the type of intensive breathwork practice that she coaches. It is not based around the slow-paced stillness in the Zen-like meditation type of practice that I regularly see promoted. I expected to fumble through my first time and give up out of frustration with myself if I lost tempo and mental focus. Tanya is very precise in her communication style, informing us of exactly what to expect, alerting us during the moments certain things were about to take place, and again during the moments the experiences were actually occurring. I never felt lost, confused, felt the need for clarification, or urged to stop and confirm if I was doing it right. I am still amazed at how effective and transformative my first experience was. It is intensive and very involved because it requires us to consistently remain present with ourselves and push through a barrier of uncomfortable resistance that rises before full embodiment of mind-and-body coherence takes place. And it was that uncomfortable phase that set Tanya's coaching apart from any other guided meditation or breathwork I've experienced. Sure, my execution wasn't perfect and I struggled. But Tanya's vigilance and attentiveness creates such a safe and secure energetic space. She is really passionate about making you aware that she is giving you her personal attention (even in a group of multiple people) so you feel like she is at your side coaching you through the entire process, and lovingly pushing you during any moments of struggle. Our session began at the end of my day; I was sluggish and planned on taking a nap after the Breathwork session. I was shocked that after the intensive breathing that I was NOT totally exhausted. Instead, I was charged up and ELEVATED while feeling in a rested state. I didn't need that nap after all, but I did enjoy myself a deep rejuvenating sleep when I went to later that night. I am excited to incorporate more of Tanya's coaching and practices into my regular routine to better maintain this harmonious state of balance. Tanya, thank you for introducing me to your phenomenal coaching and the wellness benefits of this Breathwork that you execute so beautifully!"

Micáh Reneé Luna

"Tanya, you are amazing! You create a loving a safe space from the moment your workshop begins that can be felt in a virtual environment and that's really saying something. I appreciate your graciousness and expertise each time you have facilitated a workshop for me members. Without fail, your breathwork is their favorite bonus in my course offerings and it's my favorite too! Keep doing what you're doing. It gets better every time."

Laura Lummer

"The New Moon breathe workshop was an such a unique experience. The workshop helped me become aware of the important of breathe in connection to my body. It had changed how my week has unfolded and my creative abilities. The workshop was nourishing! Thank you all moon sisters!"

Shayla M. Rose

"I loved the breath work practice! I am incorporating it into a weekly practice. I felt like I was floating all day and had not a care in the world. Thank you Tanya!"

Cyndi Cook

"I enjoyed the program. I felt an amazing feeling of peace when it was done and have gone back to it!"

Robyn Scalzo

"I found workshop to be a very positive, healing experience. I felt a sense of deep relaxation and release. I love your voice."

Avril Ferguson

"I did a breathwork workshop with Tanya this morning after a long week of feeling tired and blocked. Afterwards I felt energized, calm and much more focused and connected to myself. Tanya really helped me get back into my flow, her beautiful energy makes you feel instantly comfortable and safe. This was one of my first experiences with breathwork but I will definitely be incorporating this practice into my self care routine from now on."

Minque Stephens
Butterfly Seeds Wellbeing

"The breathwork was beautiful. I felt tingling in my lips and nose, like someone was tickling them with a feather. I am going to do it again later tonight."

Hannah C.
Girl and Her Moon Soul Fam

"The breathwork was amazing. Thank you so much. I felt calm and centered during my moon bath. The moon felt powerful and I cannot wait to see her again tonight."

Amanda C.
Girl and Her Moon Fam

"The breathwork was definitely amazing and I was actually surprised but what came up after my breathwork session as I was journaling. It provided some clear thoughts and feelings that I needed to acknowledge and lee go."

Girl and Her Moon Fam

"Thank you for bringing your gift forward. I could not have more gratitude for how it went. I love this type of breathwork but seldom doit for myself, it was exactly what I needed last night. BIG release of resentment replaced with deep gratitude and love."

Jenny S.

"The breathwork meditation was so powerful!!I loved it. The guidance and journaling was just what I needed."

Anna D

"Tanya’s new moon and full moon breathwork circles have been absolutely transformational for me. Before my first breathwork circle with Tanya, I was really stuck in my life. I had great ideas about my career and life path but struggled to get motivated to actually make things happen. When I did my first breathwork practice with Tanya, I was able to go into a trance-like state and move a lot of stuck energy out of my body. It was a powerful experience that helped me finally work up the creativity, courage, and motivation to take the next steps toward my career and life purpose. Tanya is a great facilitator, as she explains everything clearly up-front and checks in to make sure each person is comfortable and supported throughout their breathwork journey. Thank you Tanya for making me feel so welcome and held in my breathwork experience. Looking forward to the next session!"


"Amazing! Tanya holds the space beautifully. I felt held, supported, seen and empowered. She also knew when to encourage me to go deeper. This was just what I needed to break through and release some stuck emotions and connect to my intuition."

Kate Isaac