Yes, I'm ready for growth and transformation!

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers "Grow, grow."

You love your life. You wake up every morning inspired regardless of your full schedule because you feel guided by a dream that gives you life and the power you are connected to inside of you. You have clarity in your dream because you have a proven system and a practice that guided you to a clear picture of what you love. You live every day with a growing sense of confidence, deserving, and are calm and at peace with the grit and grace of human nature. In fact, you welcome the sometimes messiness of life because you use it to learn more of your nature to connect with divine nature.

Your life is your curriculum and in 6 months your dreams will build a higher version of who you are born to be. 

Do you ever wonder..?

  • what is my role in this universe 
  • am I truly happy
  • am I with or will I find my soul mate
  • can I love my career, make money, and have free time
  • can I love and feel good in my body
  • can I be a good mom, work, and have fun
  • can I feel less moody
  • can I live my potential and be, have, do, give, express what I would love

The answer is yes AND it takes works.

And you're ready to invest because you know the cost of, not just living a life without physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, but living a life that doesn't give you life.

You may be a fit for my 1:1 coaching.


Apply today for the Dream Builder Program, my 1:1 Coaching and manifest what you would love in your health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.

You are looking for a means of living a life you dream of by working with your mind, body, emotions, and soul.

You will use your dream as a way to study your life as a human experience and through this, you will look deeply into yourself, your thought, emotions, and patterned way of being.

My 6-month program will guide you to optimize your system of thinking, feeling, and physicality to reduce the human attachment to pain and suffering and most importantly, to transform it into an abundance of joy, love, harmony, and peace.

Your life is your curriculum, You are born to dream and evolve.

I invite you to think of this program as your dream journey of the Self, through the Self, and to the Self. 

Nicole Costanzo

The Vivid Vision Workshop was just amazing. When you had us doing the Time Machine meditation I could see things in my life so clearly that I wanted to cry I was so happy. You know how to not only sooth a soul, but show us how to reach to the depths of our soul. Thank you!!

Darla Dale

Really enjoyed it! Learned a lot. Had never done breathwork before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. Tanya’s coaching was right on and made it super easy!

Tamara Guillou

Lovely and warm session. I absolutely love the breathing exercises and learned alot about myself with the writing portion. Thanks Tanya, I thoroughly enjoyed this session!