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Transform Your Mind With Your Passion & Quest For Truth

Tanya Saunders
Transform Your Mind With Your Passion & Quest For Truth

A podcast focusing on creating more Work/Life harmony through positive neuroplasticity and astrology.

Tune in to find out what to focus your energy on to create new experiences to work with your mind and change your brain.

If you want to discover how to stress less, how astrology gives you clues to your authentic self, and what you should focus on every 29.5 days to create a balanced life you love then:

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Ready for a coaching session blending positive neuroplasticity, breathwork, and your unique elemental nature
 in which you will discover through your astrology? All this to say, you will experience a deeper understanding of your mind, body, and emotions to feel more authentic, whole, and to begin the journey of living a life you love while you are living it

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