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Hey there, I'm Tanya!

I support working moms to repattern stress, evolve through their relationships + embody work/life harmony.


I'm a Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Energy Practitioner, & Positive Neuroplasticity Teacher. 
I'm a multi-hyphenate woman, half "woo" and half science.
All of what I do comes together to fuel my potential & purpose. You have a purpose too and you are here to evolve and grow into it.
But often your mind will block you from it.
There's an art in (re)imagining your vision and science to (re)patterning your nervous system that is hardwired to block you from the life you are seeking.
But that life that is seeking you too.
If you feel stuck, confused, or constantly stressed, I am here to support you...if you are so willing.                     
My Story
“Tanya thoughtfully curated an experience for me with my own special mantra and soundtrack. In less than an hour, she was able to reset my "self" by reacquainting me to the celestial/eternal power that dwells in me. In each of us.”

- Cyndi

" That was really powerful. I could feel myself vibrating with transformational energy. I love you work!"

- Janelle L

" I was a bit resistant going into the session, as much as I've wanted to get into meditation, yoga, breathwork, for some reason I always feel resistance at the start. During the last quarter of the session I could feel myself soften and as I returned to breathing in a slow intention space, I could tell how the three step breath process had opened up my inner space in a way that was safe enough to allow my inner child to come forward because I was not as contracted and created space for her. As I laid on my side I felt as if I was holding my inner child from behind and tears began to come forward and I was able to make her feel safe. ."

- Ally

" Tanya did 3 amazing astrological readings for my family. One for me and each of my sons. My reading highlighted the reasons behind certain patterns I’ve seen in my life. Shining a spotlight on these patterns wakes me up to the fact that they’re real and with Tanya’s guidance, empowers me to make positive changes! I loved learning about the positive and ‘negative’ qualities of each sign in my chart because it’s so helpful for self-examination and growth."

- Heidi



I help you make sense of your life through transformational SELF AWARENESS

Discover how your astrology can help you.

Cancer Sun

The Mother

When I was born, the sun was in the sign of Cancer. Sensitivity, moodiness, empathy, and nurturing feel natural to me. As a mom, I have a tender and fierce gift for my husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs to feel safe, secure, and loved.

Virgo Moon

The Servant

The moon was in the sign of Virgo when I was born. I have an emotional need for systems. My daily routine, what I eat, and how I serve my body and others is very important to me. Unless I'm mindful, self-criticism and judgment can get in my way.

Capricorn Rising 


When I was born, the constellation of Capricorn was rising on the eastern horizon. I too will rise to the highest version of me, if I can harmonize my ego that identifies with home life, my emotional need for structure and health, and my calling and purpose to be a leader at work.

Science informs us "The prepared mind favors chance." Louis Pasteur. Discover your PART in mastering your mind to design your life for the better.




Breathwork is a powerful practice to soften and release the mind. In stillness and when the body is not disturbed by stress, your "home base" of feeling peaceful, happy, and loving is available to come home to.

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The life you dream of, the images that grab your attention and ideas that ping your nervous system do not happen by accident. There's a meaning and significance behind it. 

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Your potential is as unique as your thumbprint. Learn about your patterns to evolve and embody the highest version of who you are born to be.

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Get inspired. Seasonal masterclass to get clear, cultivate your "home base" and connect to your intuition and natural inspirations, your musings, season after season.

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