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 Are You An Ambitious, Busy & Spiritual Woman Who Dreams of Career/Life Balance?  

Learn 4 key practices in healing the plague of stress and creating more work/life balance so that you have a framework for daily success. 

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Would you be willing to believe that you are nature, you are meant to keep growing, and you have a spiritual responsibility to tap into your unlimited potential by engaging your mind?

As a nurse anesthetist, transformation & breathwork coach, yoga psychology teacher, astrologer, a woman half "woo" and half science, I’m here to tell you it's true.

You have a purpose, and you are here to evolve and grow into it, but often your mind will block you from it.

I'm also here to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our minds are built that way.

There's an art and science to that life you would love.

If you feel stuck, confused & constantly stressed, I can help you.                       

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“Tanya thoughtfully curated an experience for me with my own special mantra and soundtrack. In less than an hour, she was able to reset my "self" by reacquainting me to the celestial/eternal power that dwells in me. In each of us.”

- Cyndi

" That was really powerful. I could feel myself vibrating with transformational energy. I love you work!"

- Janelle L

" I was a bit resistant going into the session, as much as I've wanted to get into meditation, yoga, breathwork, for some reason I always feel resistance at the start. During the last quarter of the session I could feel myself soften and as I returned to breathing in a slow intention space, I could tell how the three step breath process had opened up my inner space in a way that was safe enough to allow my inner child to come forward because I was not as contracted and created space for her. As I laid on my side I felt as if I was holding my inner child from behind and tears began to come forward and I was able to make her feel safe. ."

- Ally

" Tanya did 3 amazing astrological readings for my family. One for me and each of my sons. My reading highlighted the reasons behind certain patterns I’ve seen in my life. Shining a spotlight on these patterns wakes me up to the fact that they’re real and with Tanya’s guidance, empowers me to make positive changes! I loved learning about the positive and ‘negative’ qualities of each sign in my chart because it’s so helpful for self-examination and growth."

- Heidi



I Like To Describe Myself

through the archetypes and qualities of astrology

Cancer Sun

The Mother

I am a Cancer Sun which means I am sensitive, emotional, and nurturing. As a mom, I have a gift for my husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs to feel safe, secure, and loved. I'm also naturally skilled at building a nest egg while enjoying it too.

Capricorn Rising Sign

The Teacher

I'm dedicated and disciplined. This is how the world and my family see me,. I am devoted to having goals and working hard in my career and businesses as a Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Psychology Teacher, and Astrologer.

Virgo Moon

The Healer

I have a Virgo Moon. I give love through nurturing my family with routine and receive love through my own need for daily self-care. I am analytical and love to be in service all which means, I am privileged to share these key practices that have guided me to recognize and release the perfectionism that gets in the way of career/family/life balance. 


I Help Working Women... 

recommit to their purpose, promise, and FALL IN LOVE with their destiny through breath, positive neuroplasticity, and astrology.

Start embracing your ambition with my masterclass by learning the true meaning of manifestation and the art and science of creating work/ life harmony through co-creating with the Universe. This masterclass was specifically designed for spiritual working moms and conscious female entrepreneurs.

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What I Do

Imagine if you had a spiritual mentor + educator to Guide YOU to your dreams with a proven system.


Your body is the healer. Experience how you can release what blocks you from more flow, ease, and grace. Your body is the medicine. 

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A shortcut to enlightenment to understanding your gifts, lessons, and how the world will meet you when you say YES, I will rise to what is being asked. You are meant for the life you would love. You will work with and not against your mind to realign and evolve through the natural cycles of life.  

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Come study you. Learn so you can study and fall in love with the unique nature you were born into. You have a specific purpose. Your birth chart is a symbolic description of your nature, gifts, patterns of being, and a guide to how to create more grace, ease, and flow in all areas of your life so you can root to rise to the highest version of you. 

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6 steps to manifesting the art & science of a purposeful and meaningful life you would love and were born for.

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