"Tanya did 3 amazing astrological readings for my family. One for me and each of my sons. My reading highlighted the reasons behind certain patterns I’ve seen in my life. Shining a spotlight on these patterns wakes me up to the fact that they’re real and with Tanya’s guidance, empowers me to make positive changes! I loved learning about the positive and ‘negative’ qualities of each sign in my chart because it’s so helpful for self-examination and growth."

1:1 Coaching
Heidi (Physician Assistant)

"Tanya thoughtfully curated an experience for me with my own special mantra and soundtrack. In less than an hour, she was able to reset my "self" by reacquainting me to the celestial/eternal power that dwells in me. In each of us."

1:1 Coaching
Cyndi (Mom, Creative)

""I was holding tension." After my second class with Tanya, I felt a dramatic shift in my calmness and centeredness. I found myself breathing more deeply during all my regular activities and became more aware when I was holding tension and not breathing fully. It really works, and I can't wait for my next class! "

Breathwork Workshop

""I felt safe and free." I had an incredible emotional release around feeling unsafe to 'feel' and new insights and clarity around where I learned this when I journaled after. I felt safe and free to cry and release the stagnant energy in my body. Tanya was very welcoming and did a wonderful job at making me feel safe to feel and express my emotions during the session. The setup was very comfortable and the mantra helped me throughout the process."

Breathwork Workshop
Christa (Business Coach)

"Tanya, thank you for sharing the breathing session with us! I really felt my tensions being released. We don’t realize how much our bodies are affected by stress. Taking time to focus on releasing those tensions, helps so much!!"

Breathwork Session

"I could feel myself soften." I was a bit resistant going into the session, as much as I've wanted to get into meditation, yoga, breathwork, for some reason I always feel resistance at the start. During the last quarter of the session I could feel myself soften and as I returned to breathing in a slow intention space, I could tell how the three step breath process had opened up my inner space in a way that was safe enough to allow my inner child to come forward because I was not as contracted and created space for her. As I laid on my side I felt as if I was holding my inner child from behind and tears began to come forward and I was able to make her feel safe."

Breathwork Workshop
Ally (Entrepreneur)

"I loved it. It was so great to spend time relaxing and focusing on my mental health."

Breathwork Session
Sue (School Counselor)

"That was really powerful. I could feel myself vibrating with transformational energy. I love you work!"

Moon Circle
Janelle L

"I absolutely loved this workshop. Thank you so very much. Amazing. Empowering and so healing. And I immediately felt the connection and love and safety that was cultivated from Tanya."

Group Coaching

"Lovely and warm session. I absolutely love the breathing exercises and learned a lot about myself with the writing portion. Thanks Tanya, I thoroughly enjoyed this session!"

Group Coaching
Tamara (Yoga Instructor)

"Thank you Tanya , having done a few of these breathwork circles , I’m really beginning to see a difference in my life . It’s wonderful to notice as you always say the expansiveness coming through 😊🙏 I want to incorporate this more on a daily basis and would appreciate some guidance on how to do this"

Sarita (Working Mom)

"The Vivid Vision Workshop was just amazing. When you had us doing the Time Machine meditation I could see things in my life so clearly that I wanted to cry I was so happy. You know how to not only sooth a soul, but show us how to reach to the depths of our soul. Thank you!!"

Vision Board Workshop

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