“My dream — my ambition — has always been to empower women. Women’s equality is the evolution of humanity.” —Tory Burch


Tanya's Bio

Tanya is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Trauma-Informed Pause Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Psychology Teacher, Expert Transformation & Manifestation Speaker, and Astrologer. She also is a survivor of necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh-eating bacteria which is why she is uber passionate about helping working women cultivate a vision-inspired and harmonious life they love while they are living it through using her knowledge of breath, positive neuroplasticity, and astrology.

Tanya created the HEALthy Mind Podcast and HEALthy Mind coaching program, which is a framework of ancient and modern teachings, practices, and wisdom she has invested in and made her own for strengthening the mind-body-soul connection. Tanya Integrates this framework into her one to one and group coaching resulting in a quantum leap for women to discover their true purpose and manifest work/life harmony.

As a Nurse Anesthetist for over 2 decades, she is always learning new ways to bridge science and art to empower the busy, modern woman who desires to manifest a soul-centered life. Tanya resides in Arlington, VA with her husband, three kids, and 2 dogs.

You may have seen her on The Beautiful Grit Podcast with Gwen Dittmar, Everything with Ali Levine Podcast, Keri Faith on Purpose, and with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Tanya believes you are one breath away from transformation. 

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  • The Blue Print of the life you dream of




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  • Transformation
  • Manifestation 




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  • Kosha
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness




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  • Life's Work and Progress
  • Manifestation through Moon Cycles 




  • Creating new neural structures through deliberately creating new beneficial experiences

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