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Your tool to de-escalate from stress and how to reward yourself with the mental health benefits of happiness, motivation and resilience from self-compassion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Created by Founder and CEO Samantha Skelly, Pause Breathwork is a method where we can use various, continual breath patterns to break down emotions in the body that stay stuck and create stress in our energetic body. Breathwork is a practice of allowing us to reconnect with our bodies to feel deeply to understand and experience our unique intelligence we all have.

The reality is most of us struggle with the everyday juggle. We live in an age where we are busy, we are constantly stressed, anxious, worried, overwhelmed and often we resist and bury our feelings by numbing or avoiding. We are disconnected from our bodies. Breathwork allows us to be present, to be aware of ourselves, to BREATHE and FEEL through our experiences to release, heal and transform.

✔︎ Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief

✔︎ Connect with your emotions & change your response to them

✔︎ Revitalizes your organs.

✔︎ Gives you access to your higher power

✔︎ Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release

✔︎ More energy & mental clarity

✔︎ Deepens your relationship to your body

✔︎ Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years

✔︎Better access to your intuition, higher self and source


Integrative Breathwork- pattens that can be used everyday. The intention for integrative breathwork practices is rooted in relaxation and mental clarity. 


Meditative Breathwork- patterns has the intention of transformation. Mediative breathwork patterns are done lying down on a mat in privacy or with a group guided by a trained facilitator.

Integrative breathwork can be done sitting or lying down. I guide in different breath patterns that you can use at any moment in time for calmness and mental clarity. The session is set to music and uniquely crafted.

Meditative breathwork is done lying down in a quiet and comfortable space. Lying down, spine straight, cushion under your knees if you desire support and a blanket nearby I guide in a conscious breath pattern for approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the individual, with 5-15 minutes of introduction before and reflection after.The session is set to music and uniquely crafted. Every experience is different, sacred and beautiful. The body releases what it wants to release.

Scientific Benefits of Breathwork:

1. Increased muscle tone.

2. Has an anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Elevates your mood.

4. The body can become the healer by opening up channels and meridians, align your body and its energy.

The founder of Pause Breathwork, Samantha Skelly has been studying breathwork since 2014. She has studied alongside some of the pioneers of breathwork. Pause Breathwork combines ancient modalities and modern transformation, making this technique the deepest and most sustainable breathwork ever practiced.

There are two forms, breathwork for relaxation and breathwork for transformation.

The intention of Pause Breathwork is two-fold:

1. to educate and inspire humanity on the power of their breath, waking humanity up to the idea that we can completely transform our emotional wellness through the power of self-healing.

2. to disintegrate the dependency model and allow humanity to use their own bodies as healers. We don't 'need' anything outside of ourselves. 


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