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What are you balancing?

Free Healing Stress & Create Work / Life Balance Mini eBook

I like to describe myself through the archetypes and qualities of astrology.

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Cancer Sun

The Mother

I am a Cancer Sun which means I am sensitive, emotional, and nurturing. As a mom, I have a knack for my husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs to feel safe, secure, and loved. I'm also gifted at building a nest egg while enjoying it too.

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Capricorn Rising Sign

The Teacher

I'm dedicated and disciplined. This is how the world and my family see me,. I am devoted to having goals and working hard in my career and businesses as a Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Psychology Teacher, and intern to Astrology.

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Virgo Moon

the Healer

I have a Virgo Moon. I give love through nurturing my family with routine and receive love through my own need for daily self-care. I am analytical and love to be in service all which means, I am privileged to share these key practices that have guided me to recognize and release the perfectionism that gets in the way of work/family/life balance. 

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  I help women with Work/Life Balance

Fall in love with life through the art and science of yoga, positive neuroplasticity, and astrology.

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Heal Stress & Create Work / Life Balance  Masterclass

If You Want To:


  • Know how to create more balance in your full schedule with less stress that can save you YEARS of wasted time and energy.
  • Find clarity on what you are balancing.
  • What your purpose really is.
  • How to manifest.
  • Discover what is more valuable than time.

This masterclass is for you.


Free Healing Stress & Create Work / Life Masterclass
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A Quantum Leap To A Life You Love


Do you struggle to show up as the woman you are born to be with your 

  • career
  • family
  • exercise
  • finances
  • personal development
  • playtime/fun

During our time together, you will get the exact system of transformation to release the plague of stress and shoulds, and create a life that you were born to live and love.

I'm Ready To Show Up For My Life
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HealTHY Mind Portal

ReAlign Every 29.5 Days


Do you struggle with staying and feeling motivated? Is there truth for you in the adage "the day runs you" and  "the days seem long but the years fly?"

In the HealTHY Mind Portal, you will be inspired and empowered to create days that will manifest into years that you love.

Yes, I Want a Guided Self-Care Practice
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Let's go!

Join My 3 Day Abundant Challenge to Release Mind Blocks

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