Ready To Release Mind Blocks To Your Dream?

Hey there, I'm Tanya

A recovering perfectionist, sensitive girl with a lot of fire and with BIG ambitious goals and dreams.

I didn't always share that comfortably. As an Asian-American girl growing up not integrated into my heritage and often feeling different, I know there will always be a little girl inside of me yearning for more self-worth, approval, belonging, and unconditional love.

But now I have a heavy belt full of tools available for me to use to help heal and nourish those parts of me so I can own my needs.

And there's nothing more important to me now than to share these tools with you; evidence-based practices grounded in science so you can learn to learn and grow psychological resources in yourself to meet the challenges that want to block you from your own dreams. 

It's hard to not have favorites of the tools I have acquired <3, but breathwork has helped me land into the seat of mindfulness. I first found this lost art to pure presence, when I was seeking a practice to help me with the stress of having big dreams

  • a loving partner and family
  • a fabulous career
  • a healthy body
  • time and money freedom
  • a spiritual connection

Or was that just me? 

Ambitious, wanting abundance AND still feeling authentic and connected to a divine source.

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Breathwork was something I had never experienced before, a feeling of having a body but not being your body, light and almost floating, quiet and discerning of the softest sounds, noticing the spaces and people around me but with curiosity and felt amazing

What that experience taught me was that feeling that has always been available to me.

But I was never taught that.

What I know to be true now is that I had been conditioned to holding the stress in my body.

All the needs of not feeling safe enough, satisfied enough, or connected enough to be me.. my body was holding this 

Your body holds this.

The stress that holds low vibrational energy that will never be a match to abundance.

What I also know to be true is I don't have to choose this and neither do you.

Two decades of nurse anesthesia, Life Mastery Coaching, Astrology, Author, and Teacher of Neuroplasticity and Yoga Psychology has fueled my passion in bridging the science and metaphysics to magnetize my mind and body for abundance.

Abundance in my:

  • relationships
  • career and passions
  • well-being
  • time and money
  • divine connection

And now I'd love to support you in magnetizing that life of abundance you would love.

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We all think we are born with limitations.


Regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic, or childhood/family trauma, we think were are born with limitations. What I find to be true is once you make the decision to practice embracing what you think are limitations, you will not only see the possibility of being limitless, but you will also heal a lineage of women before you and after you by opening up to the infinite. 


The act of love working with forces inside and outside of yourself to create the change you would love. 

... What is possible for you?  Dive in & discover your magic!

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