Fall in Love with Your Destiny

A powerful way to look to the science of your breath and the ancient science of astrology to transform your life.

February 6, 2022

  • Experience the power of a Pause Integrative Breathwork session.
  • Clarity on the 12 areas of your life that you are balancing 2022.
  • Learn about your intuitive knowing nature and your dreams.
  • Tools and practices that support you staying calm and motivated day after day, and year after year.
  • What Alignment means
  • The framework to craft your dreams on your Vision Board for 2022.

  • Zoom Connection for meeting link.
  • Journal and pen.
  • An open mind.
I'm Ready Now (which also is a powerful mantra)!

"I just loved this masterclass! It was so helpful to see how astrology can help me balance my life. I'm so curious about astrology and Tanya really goes into detail! I can't wait to have my reading done!"


"The Vivid Vision Workshop was just amazing. When you had us doing the Time Machine meditation I could see things in my life so clearly that I wanted to cry I was so happy. You know how to not only sooth a soul, but show us how to reach to the depths of our soul. Thank you!!"


"Wow, wow, wow! I am so glad I joined Tanya's "Manifest the Life You Want in 2022" workshop. It was the jumpstart I needed to get excited and confident about creating the year I want ahead. Tanya led us through a beautiful breathwork practice, which gave clarity to our upcoming year. She shared her passion and wisdom about astrology and other modalities to help us make a tangible plan of action for 2022. I am so ready to dive into 2022 now and so grateful for Tanya and how she shows up in the world. I can't recommend Tanya enough. Get ready to be amazed and feel uplifted and empowered working with her. Thank you, Tanya! You're a gem!"


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