40 Days of Transformational Awareness


What do you think would happen if you commit to 20 minutes for yourSELF every day for 40 days?


The Transformational Awareness Approach course will take you through deep layers of Self-awareness, that will shift all (yes all) the relationships in your life; inside, outside & in between. 

Do you struggle with making yourSELF a priority?


Would you like to understand elements of your personality and how it impacts your personality patterns in your relationships (self & others)? 


Do you feel overwhelmed by your feelings of expectations... including your own?


Would you like to stop reacting to your day-to-day life and start making decisions from a calm and empowered state of mind?


Do you feel disconnected from play and would love a more inspired life?

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What if I told you, that there is a different kind of awareness than what you are used to? 

This kind of awareness will bring you the transformation that you are craving in your: 

  •  career 
  •  relationships 
  •  well-being 
  • time and money

40 days has a long rich history of meaningful, mystical, and magical transformational power.

  • 40 tribes of Israel
  • 40 days Moses wandered in the desert
  • 40 days of the flood and Noah's ark
  • 40 days Jesus fasted
  • 40 weeks of pregnancy

There is an underlying significance in why different religious and spiritual practices use 40 all over the world.

I believe there will be significance in your life if you align with 40 too.

Because of this, I have loved time and time again experimenting with the mystic power of devotion and discipline of committing to a practice for 40 days.

But instead of the "habitual and restrictive quit-a-habit practice" (which often feels contractive and doesn't last), what I have enjoyed most is a "bringing in a practice" which feels expansive, quite rewarding, and has brought sustainable shifts in my life. 


I created "the 40 Days of Transformational Awareness" approach that combines the power of awareness and the significance of 40 days.

With it, you will truly (re)discover your home base over and over again of a calm regulated state with an open mind and expand in your awareness.

Awareness is the foundation for more love, more play,

and harmonious relationships.

In this course the practices of breathwork, astrology, and interpersonal neurobiology will help you bring awareness to yourSELF, others, and how your inner and outer worlds collide.

It will guide you into the green zone (your home base) where learning how to overcome your challenges (why you crave shifts) seems possible.

So if you are willing, it's time to take your mind and body out of the stress and overwhelmed state (where awareness and learning are not biologically possible), so you can settle into a responsive green zone, called your home base, and create the transformation you crave.

Whether you want to channel your inner Buddha...

“We must each lead a way of life with self-awareness and compassion, to do as much as we can. Then, whatever happens, we will have no regrets.”

-Dalai Lama

... or your inner Warrior ...

“The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.”

David Goggins

You need Awareness. But not just any awareness,

the Awareness with 40 days of action.

Teachings in this 40 days program are backed by science and spiritual tools that will help you release resistance and (RE)discover and (RE)imagine your life.
So join the journey toward TRANSFORMATIONAL AWARENESS!
I'm Ready →

Consider this program as an activation of the shits in your life

you have been craving:

A new relationship to your thinking (neuroplasticity).
A reflection and direction through Astrology (relationship awareness).
A basic understanding of energy, physics, attachment science and how you can transform the negativity bias of the mind (quantum physics and embodied brain).
A realignment with your body through your breath to release, reconnect and reset for your redesign (breathwork and somatic experiencing).

What will you experience?

★  Each day you'll get an audio file (that you can listen on the go) with a knowledge segment that will open up your awareness to a specific perspective. 

★  Daily activation - a call to action to implement the knowledge segment throughout your day for example neuroplastic journaling prompts.

★  Chapter #1 - the Personality Awareness: use the power of the elements to make sense of your temperament and bring awareness to how aligned you are to your natural gifts. 

★  Chapter #2 - Shine In Your Personality: discover how to shine more in your natural gifts to grow, expand and magnetize a life that you crave. 

★  Chapter #3 - Support Your Personality: build support inside so you can feel confident in supporting your personality day to day. 


★  Chapter #4 - the Power of Motivation: bring awareness to what inspires you and launches you into taking action. 

★  Chapter #5 - Quantum Fieldthe Vision: use the power of neuroplasticity to create a powerful and attainable vision. 

★  Chapter #6 - the Attachment Science: learn about the science of attachment and how that has impacted your personality style

★  Chapter #7 - your Genius: focus on 6 Mental Faculties that create the DNA of your Genius. 

★  Chapter #8 - Work With your Mindlearn to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better. 

★  Chapter #9 - PLAY: learn about the significance of play for your brain and the power of PLAY in your life. 

★  Chapter #10 - the Transformation: concluding as we began with awareness of the long rich history of meaningful, mystic, and magical practices that bring awareness and transformation inside, outside, and between.

★  BONUS - as you progress through the 40 days you will receive little bonuses to reward your amazing work. 


What's possible when you experience the science of your breath, body, brain, and yessss...astrology to come home and support you living your life with more calm.

This program will help you discover how to find your home base, your natural green zone of calm, open and aware. 

It will be healing and transformative for you.

It will support the shifts that will be seen and powerfully felt in your mood and mental state.

You can't control what happens outside of you. 

But you can control what can happen inside of you.

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Here is what other people say...

Hi, I'm Tanya

I support working women to repattern stress, evolve through their relationships + embody work/life harmony.

I'm a Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Astrologer, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator  & Positive Neuroplasticity Teacher.

I'm a multi-hyphenate woman, half "woo" and half science.

All of what I do comes together to fuel my potential & purpose. You have a purpose too and you are here to evolve and grow into it.

But often your mind will block you from it.

There's an art in (re)imagining your vision and science to (re)patterning your nervous system that is hardwired to block you from the life you are seeking.

But that life that is seeking you too.

If you feel stuck, confused, or constantly stressed, I am here to support you...if you are so willing.