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Are you that working woman juggling many roles and balancing all the things?


As a working mom, I know it's common and challenging not to feel the scarcity of time and money.

But if the word money and budgeting ❌ make you feel tense, resentful, and lifeless because of how much you do work, I can help.

Discover how to build more ease and flow and activate the security of real wealth without going into fight, flight, freeze, or faint.

Our ability to create and experience wealth is biologically connected to our relationship with money.

- How safe do you feel receiving?

- How seen do you feel when you are giving?

- How secure do you feel when asking for what YOU need?

What if you knew your past and how you remember plays a critical role in how you experience and will continue to experience the security of wealth

In this course, you'll explore down to the roots of how you remember money and how it deeply connects to your relationship with money.

Now I know you may be thinking this is just another money course...

Because I get it. Life is abundant and there is an abundance of money courses.

But this course will not just be different, it will feel different and most importantly for you, yield different results.

This course will not just give you factual data, practical spreadsheets, and budget plans... which is important because as a human you neurobiologically need that kind of data.

But logic alone often leaves you feeling tense and uninspired. 

AND...this course will not just give you some magnetic abundance mantras.

Because, that too often leaves you feeling ungrounded, disconnected, and it perpetuates that unworthiness story because you think you are the only one not manifesting abundance. 

Because here's the truth...

 You can't call in the security of wealth if you don't feel worthy of it. 

Your relationship with money is deeply connected to your relationship with yourSelf.

This course will embark you on a journey of illuminating your deeply rooted wealth stories, how they have been shaped, enforced, and most significantly how you can begin to question their truth to start transforming them into your new narrative of wealth. 

We'll use the understanding of your own unique personality, the science behind temperament, your attachment patterns, and how your attachment patterns continue to shape your relationship with money.

But you are not going to stop there, you'll take neuroplastic steps to asses your Self-worth, explore your money landscape, and gain basic financial literacy supporting you to OWN your part in your wealth wellness healing journey. 

But most importantly you'll return from this journey with a transformed and fully integrated money story.

What will emerge will be bigger and better than what you can ever imagine being illuminated right now

Why is it important to get to the ROOTS?

Because it WILL ILLUMINATE the deeper layers that block you from your Self Worth.

When we are spiritually bypassing, we often use the goal of awakening or liberation to rationalize what I call premature transcendence: trying to rise above the raw and messy side of our humanness before we have fully faced and made peace with it.

- John Welwood

So the question you should be asking yourself is:

"Are you resisting all the layers of what makes you human?"


For many of us, it is easier to embrace that yearning to be perfect than to embrace that feeling of not feeling perfect.

In this course, you will learn how to embrace all the layers (the perceptions of your imperfections) so you will not prematurely transcend to wealth and to an illusion of self-worth. 

There are fundamental similarities throughout all cultures about what wealth is. 

In this course, you will discover about your own security, your attachment, and most importantly your value of money so you can truly own your story of what wealth is to you. 

Uncover the Roots to Wealth & Self Worth →

Consider this Wealth & Wellness Journey as an activation of the version of yourself you could never even imagine for yourself through:

An understanding of the memory system and attachment science and how it shapes your wealth story. 
A profound new relationship to your thinking (neuroplasticity).
A vivid vision of your money landscape (practical tools & vision).
A reflection and direction through Astrology (personality awareness).
A basic understanding of energy, physics, and how you can transform the negativity bias of the mind (quantum physic and embodied brain).
A realignment with your body through your breath to release, reconnect and reset for your redesign (breathwork and somatic experiencing).
Activate Wealth & Self Worth →

What we will cover on this Wealth & Wellness Journey? 

★ Part 1:  the Departure From the Ordinary world: Why healing your money story matters to not just you and the importance of understanding the memory system. 

★ Part 2: the Initiation into the Extra-Ordinary World: Understanding what self and money means, a self-worth audit, and how your story of yourSELF is shaped and continues to be shaped by your personality, the science of temperament and attachment, and your history.

★ Part 3: the Activation into Clarity: Closing the gap through awareness of what you truly know and creating from the quantum and through somatic experiencing.

★ Part 4: the Return with  Wealth Wellness: Owning your new money narrative through the integration of your experience and all your layers of what makes you uniquely you.


What it would feel like if you were to welcome in the messiness of life and actually make peace with all the layers that make you YOU? 

As the great Persian poet Rumi said in the poem The Guest House: "Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond." 

And just like every guest, welcome or not, your deep layers that you will uncover in this course will be sent as your guides on your Wealth Wellness Journey and beyond.  

It's time to join the Integrative Wealth Wellness Journey today and meet your guides to your new SELF-WORTH STORY.

Embark on the Integrated Wealth & Wellness Journey →

Greetings, I'm Tanya

Nurse Anesthetist, Holistic Money Coach, Author, and mom of 3 helping other working moms transform their relationship with money and life.

I'm a working mom balancing many roles too,  half "woo" and half science.

All of what I do comes together to fuel my potential & purpose. You have a purpose too and you are here to evolve and grow into it.

But often your mind will block you from it.

There's an art in (re)imagining your vision and science to (re)patterning your nervous system that is hardwired to block you from the life you are seeking.

But that life that is seeking you too.

If you feel stuck, confused, or constantly stressed, I am here to support you...if you are so willing.